Saturday, August 9, 2008

DeAnna's 28th Birthday

Happy Birthday DeAnna...
God has giving you a great gift this year. You were looking for a job and you got it. DeAnna will be working with Ana in the same department at Cameron Drilling Systems.
DeAnna celebrated her 28th birthday at Arminta's, her favorite mexican restaurant on Sheldon Road. The pictures were all taken that day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Edouard arrived in Tomball

The outer bands of Edouard are here. I just took these pictures few minutes ago. 6:45 AM on Tuesday 08/05/08.

I just talked to Mila and they are prepared. I also called Jenny and they are prepared. Ely did not answered the call. Ana, Mike & Aurora are in their home near me and Carla preferred to stay with them than spending the night with Milo. Claudia has an exam this afternoon in College Station and she says she is going to stay there to take the test.
According to the news we are going to have rain all day today and tomorrow.
All of you be safe.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Querida Nohemi...Hoy se unió a su hijito en el cielo...

Nuestra querida Nohemi regresó a casa a reunirse con su pequeño hijo en el paraíso. Aquí comparto dos fotos donde está Nohemi. La primera fué tomada frente a la casa de la calle Vargas de Ciudad Ojeda por allá en 1964. La segunda la tomé en Junio 2006 junto con Felix y Sra. en Maracaibo donde vivió al lado de su siempre adorado ahijado Felix.